I’m the new Baywatch life guard, and also in black and white. The weekend weather was fantastic! There is no more ice on the lakes around the cities, and that means it is time to get the life guards at the beaches back to work. I accept the job, paws down. With a little help from my mom, I got up on the life guard stand to keep watch.

Before attending to my duties, I did have a bit of a dip in the lake. The water is pristine right now, so Mom didn’t mind me wading in. I did drink some cold, fresh water too because I was pretty warm. The first dip of the year is always the most fun!

Watching over the lake is no easy task as it is about three miles in circumference. Lucky for me, I can use my eyes, but being a scent hound, I most certainly can smell any trouble too. Please don’t say anything about my paws. I guess the water was nice and clear, but the sand and stuff was not so clean. I ended up having some dirt boots until my furs dried.

Being a short girl, I really enjoy getting up high so I can finally see what is going on in the world. My personality is larger than life according to my mom and now I can see like a large dog too.

It may still be early April, but the sun on my life guard stand is a bit on the warm side. I don’t remember the life guards on Baywatch panting, but I sure did! Mom! Please come and get me down. I need to get in the lake again! Has anyone else gone to the beach yet this spring?