Thoughts On Dogs Sleeping In Bed With You

We’ve got some thoughts on dogs sleeping in bed to share with you today. It is a topic people feel strongly about either one way or the other. It has been studied a lot the past few years. Having us in bed with our humans is a good thing and we do not ruin your […]

A Surprise, Very Tender Moment Between Siblings

Surprise! A very tender moment is about to happen. I know Madison’s birthday has been going on forever, but Mom caught me and Nelson having a special moment and she saved it for Awww Monday. The reason why I suddenly felt this love for my little brother is my own secret. I hope you enjoy […]

Hip, Hip, Hooray! Madison Turns Lucky Seven Today!

Hip, hip, hooray, I’m turning lucky seven today! I’m all fancied, ready to let loose and have a pawtastic day! For my online friends, without further ado, I have my birthday photo shoot for you. How do you like my brand new party hat? My friends Rosy and Sunny told my mom where to get […]

Madison’s Achievements While Being Six Years Old

My achievements during my year of being six were not high in number but some are big in quality. Mom says as we all move up in our sports, the number of titles may go down, but the ones we earn are earned by a lot of hard work and are well deserved. Lets start […]

Think Pink For A Birthday Cake At The Bakery

It’s time to think pink when the pink girl goes shopping for her birthday cake. I’m turning seven and I must have a good dessert for my party. Usually we keep things secret, but I will tell you I’m having a cake and it will be pink. We were going to order two small cakes […]

Little Puppy Madison The First Year

Little puppy Madison is turning seven years old next week. Today is the first day of my birthday week and I’m kicking off the week with puppy pics from my first year of life. Everyone tells me I’m so cute now, but oh my goodness, was I a cute puppy or what? It’s always fun […]

Birthdays Of the Past – Madison’s Birthday Week Starts Now!

Let’s start my birthday week looking back at my birthdays of the past. Today is the first day of my last week of being six. It’s time to start the pawty! If you are looking for a super cute puppy, look no more. I can’t believe how cute I was when I turned one! Even […]

Hey, There’s A Really Big Ladybug On The Road

Hey! There’s a giant ladybug on the street in the midst of a residential area in Hopkins! Gramma told us about it, so we had to go and see it for ourselves. The guy who put it here does have a permit from the city to do so. He spent a day back in June […]

Our Birthday Gift To Mom This Year

Figuring out how to get Mom the birthday gift she has been asking for this year was not easy. For a while now, she keeps telling us she really wants a photo of all four of us with her, a true family photo. Being the oldest, it is up to me to figure out how […]

Do You Know What is In Your Hometown?

Do you know what is in your hometown? We figured out that we do not! Mom never goes into the town we live in. We’re on the far northern edge and have no reason to visit downtown…until now. Lakeville was on the news the other night and Mom almost fell out of bed when she […]