Mother Nature’s April Fools Joke was no joke this year. She dumped about eight inches of heavy, wet snow on us. It sure was a beautiful scene, but it also caused a lot of damage. Almost three hundred thousand people lost power, there were about four hundred accidents and spin outs, and many events were cancelled.

Thankfully, we had nowhere to go until the snow was off the roads. We enjoyed fresh snow in our yard, maybe for the last time this winter. It is the third snowiest winter on record and we are all happy to have experienced it.

The heavy snow is hard for me to run around in with my short legs, but I do my best. Mom says my leg may heal better with less snow. She may be right but I don’t limp when I come in the house.

Olivia loves it. There is always good sniffing where she is standing as the rabbits go in and out between the fence there.

Nelson is working hard on his form for his first FastCAT runs in May. Building muscle is easy in the heavy, deep snow.

Bailie seems to have had the most fun. She is smiling from one floppy ear to the other while running.

Olivia is smiling too. Winter makes us all happy, even Mom is smiling but you can’t see her 🙂 She said the other day that she already misses all the nice snow we had.

Sniffing is more fun in the winter too if you ask me. At our house, the April Fools Joke was a welcome one, but it did mess up things for a lot of people. We also like to say that a good storm in the spring is a waste of good snow.

One more peek at the beauty…see you again next winter, we hope!