Calling all kitties to find out about the ultimate ancestral feline diet, Backcountry, from Merrick! We dogs have been eating the canine version of Backcountry for about eighteen months now and love it. My mom thought it was time for cat bro Bert and kitty sis Sophie to try the Backcountry products for cats. The kitties received one pouch of each of the wet food flavors.

You all know if it has to do with food, Bert is always on board. Sophie is a bit more selective, but still quite curious. My cats eat kibble most of the time, so they are eating the Backcountry kibble on a daily basis right now. The wet food is a welcome treat for both cats. If you just have a look at it, you can see the actual pieces of meat in the gravy! Cats crave protein, and Backcountry serves it up!

I have to admit, even being a dog, I thought it smelled pretty good! Backcountry wet food is grain free, and meat is always the first ingredient. Backcountry even has rabbit – for cats! Can you believe that!!! While Bert wasted no time digging into his meal, Sophie looked on patiently waiting for her portion to be served.

Not only is Backcountry the Ultimate Ancestral Feline Diet, it is a meal you can serve a cat on formal occasions. Both Bert and Sophie enjoy an occasional fancy meal served on the finest of china, and Backcountry fits right in. Even cat bro Bert manages to find the appropriate table manners when the meal is this good.

Bert decided they would try the Real Whitefish Recipe Cuts, but because he eats so fast, Sophie elected to try the Real Rabbit Recipe Cuts by herself. #Wild4Backcountry It’s obvious Sophie doesn’t care much for dogs with her choice of rabbit. She enjoyed eating rabbit right in front of us which we found to be a bit rude! Luckily, I happened to have some cans of Backcountry Alpine Rabbit Stew for my dinner!

After a good meal, every creature needs dessert. Never fear, Backcountry has the cats covered with their freeze dried raw treats. Bert and Sophie got a package of Real Chicken Recipe and Real Salmon Recipe. Check out Sophie’s eyes…do you think she is interested in the open bag of Salmon Recipe? Even Bert sure looks focused!

It should be no surprise, Bert wasted no time getting his paw in the bag to retrieve a treat. Sophie was checking out her treat on the scratch lounger. These freeze dried treats are all natural, grain free, gluten free, no corn, no wheat, no soy, no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives.

Sophie was eager to get her paw on a treat. She is always a bit timid around Bert as he likes to steal stuff away from her.

It’s safe to say, both cats love the Backcountry ancestral feline diet. Do your kitties a favor and get some for them to try! They will purr loudly for you! More great, healthy products from Merrick Pet Care for pets!