This is the best time of the summer for looking at flowers. Here in Minnesota we can’t even plant them until the end of May, they take a couple months to grow into beautiful plants, and by August they are at their peak!

Sniffing the flowers I planted on our deck in the early morning sun after a nice walk.

I was looking for wabbits in my neighbor’s garden when Mom forced me to stop and pose for a photo. The flowers are pretty but a wabbit in the middle would be even better!

Yes, we wouldn’t be Minnesotans without a “Snowball Bush”. This year with our cool wet weather they have really grown and have huge snowball flowers.

Take a moment this month to really enjoy the beauty (if you live in an area with seasons) as next month fall starts approaching and the flowers start losing their luster.

Today I am joining my friend Sugar the Golden Retriever in her {This Moment} See Beautiful blog hop which is the 2nd Friday of every month. The purpose is to share what we see that is beautiful and brings meaning to our life. Sharing Moments of Beautiful event/occasions, actions/emotion, scenery, object … following what Confucius said