I’m so excited as today I’m howling about accessories and toys from K9 Bytes, our first Multiple Pet Mania giveaway sponsor! At the end of my post, you can enter to win your pets a nice little shopping spree! K9 Bytes has made in the USA gifts for dogs and cats as well as pet lovers, but I will only be reviewing dog items today. As you know, my cat bro Bert eats toys, so I can’t get him any, and neither cat wears a collar.

My package arrived promptly with the collars and toys I had selected. You know we love to accessorize ourselves with collars, so I chose a patriotic collar for each of us dogs, a birthday collar we can take turns wearing during our birthday weeks, and two toys for my official toy tester, Bailie.

We have always dreamed of having a birthday collar, but never have purchased one. Even though my sisters and I are different sizes, we do wear the same size collar so we can share. K9 Bytes makes unique handcrafted collars in many fabric designs including holiday collars. I can’t wait for my birthday to wear the cute birthday collar and it looks good on me I think.

My package arrived earlier in May, allowing my sisters and I to test out our new patriotic collars on Memorial day.

We love them. They look fantastic, especially with our festive head boppers! We will be able to use them for the 4th of July, and Labor Day as well. They are nice and sturdy, adjustable so they can fit each of our necks, and the buckle is solid, no chance of breaking easily! The collars can be tossed in the washer and air dried when they get dirty too, which is nice.

Bailie is our toy girl. She enjoys running around and chewing on ball toys, fetch isn’t something we play. I thought she might like this pretty, bright, 12″ fleecey ball, and the added bonus is, it squeaks!

I know my sister and she does love it. She enjoys running around proudly squeaking it, with an occasional break to lie down and chew on it. Mom loves that it is machine washable, and the fleece also helps clean teeth and gums while she is playing with it.

Tug a war is a big game for Katie and Bailie. Katie rarely plays these days, but Bailie is always getting Mom to tug with her which is why I ordered a bright, 24″ fleece tug toy for Bailie.

Bailie loves this toy, and Mom does too. The soft fleece makes it easy on the human’s hands, it is also easy on the pup’s mouth while at the same time cleaning the teeth and gums. It stretches out really long when a serious game of tug happens, but it also shrinks back to normal with a bit of rest. This toy can also be tossed in the laundry. Katie never did get motivated to play, but she liked to snuggle with it.