Today I’m taking you along on my winter walk on New Years Day with my mom! It was a beautiful day, cold, sunny, and lots of fresh snow from the last little storm. Mom and I didn’t see a lot of people out and about which we also like.

Our original walking spot didn’t work out because it hadn’t been plowed. This was our second choice, but it is very similar to the other place, quiet with lots of woods and water (which is frozen now). Behind me you can see a nice skating rink. I don’t skate, but it looks fun for the humans. Can you tell I see a squirrel in a nearby tree?

This park has a lot of picnic areas and shelters, but oddly no one is having picnics at this time of the year. The tables are all covered in fresh snow, so I decided to stand on one. See my beard is starting to turn into a snowball too. Too much sniffing in the snow I guess.

Here I am, sitting on the frozen lake but just a few feet in. We are not very knowledgeable about how thick the ice is and we don’t want to fall through. A lot of people are out on other parts of the lake ice fishing, but we prefer to stay near the shore.

The benches along the way were also snow covered. I guess no one wants to sit in snow, or clean the snow off to sit down. For me it is fun to hop up on benches and tables if they are not too high. Actually, it is a winter walk, so we hope to have a lot of snow covered things along the way.

Of course, going off road is the best place to sniff out some critters. I didn’t see any, but I could smell they had been in the area. It was a fun little walk with my Mom, and then we got to go home, warm up, and have some snacks!