It’s a spring mix in Minnesota this week. On my morning walk I say everything from ice, to greens sprouting up, to flowers. Most mornings were either below freezing or just above, but some flowers do survive this weather. The best flowers I could find are the wooden ones!

Some of our neighbors are watering their lawns already. We don’t know why as it is so cold still, and who wants grass to grow? Grow means mow! The other morning the mailboxes were totally covered in ice from the lawn sprinklers!

Of course, those nasty dandelions are sprouting up all over the place. We found this frosty one handling the cold pretty well.

In our yard we don’t have any flowers yet, but we do have green plants starting to pop up. When we get some warm weather, I bet they will really grow fast.

These lilies look like spring. The crazy thing is they are just across the street from the iced down mailboxes and icy lawn. Good thing their humans don’t have their sprinkler system on yet! It truly is a spring mix in our area!

Last but not least, I do have a little blooper for your enjoyment. That darn cat bro Bert insisted on sitting in the window when I was taking my photo with the flowers. He is such a photo bomber! Eventually I decided to take the first photo in this post to cut him out of the mix! No matter what the weather, at least our front door looks like spring!