There is a new Elite Dog in town, and right here in our house! Mom and I had a local NW3 nose work trial last Saturday. The weather was cold, with snow and ice, but we still were excited to get out and compete again. Our team has been doing a lot better lately. Amazingly, I found nine of the ten hides without any mistakes. This leg combined with my leg from North Carolina gives me my third NW3 Title which is the NW3 Elite Title! Mom and I are super excited and happy! Only two GBGV’s have ever earned this title – Olivia first, and now me.

It has been a long road for me. I did my first NW3 trial on March 30th, 2019 at this same school. Over the past four years, I’ve trialed at this level nineteen times and it wasn’t until 2022 that things started to look up a bit. NW3 is hard because you have to pretty much be perfect to get a title. A dog needs three titles to get the Elite Title, along with four element titles. I have had the element titles for a long time. Mom never dreamed after so many trials we would ever make it out of this level but WE DID!

With the bad weather conditions we only had two searches outside, vehicles and exteriors. There are six searches in a trial, so that gave us two container and two interior searches. It was not an easy day for Team Pink but Mom didn’t loose her head and by keeping her cool, we slowly knocked down one search after another during the day. The video above is me with my two interior searches. The second one was really nice. The first one, Mom should have called finished earlier, but no harm done. Hope you enjoy watching me work.

Since the trial was local this time, my siblings all stayed home and I got to have a mommy and me day which I loved. I took this selfie sitting in the car with Mom waiting for my next search. See all the snow/ice on the sunroof? It was not nice out at all, too warm for snow.

Now that I am an Elite dog, I will get to do more difficult trials. Thank dog Olivia earned her Elite Champion so we don’t need to fight over spots in trials! Elite is a super fun level and we are really looking forward to playing with bigger and better sniffing puzzles. Mom says it is funny because now we are all four in different levels, Nelson NW2, Bailie NW3, Me Elite, and Olivia Summit. We don’t know if Bailie will compete anymore or not, she doesn’t seem interested in it right now, so she is taking a big break.