A long dog tongue can be challenging on hot days, especially when a girl wants to run! Everyone knows I’m short, but my tongue is like, well, world record long. Olivia and I thought it would be fun to post a few shots of us racing around the dog park with those tongues flapping.

Look out here I come, rounding the corner. Because I’m short, I get lots of heat from the ground below me that taller dogs don’t get. This causes my tongue to be out a lot more than most dogs.

Olivia’s tongue is shorter than mine, and she stays a lot cooler being over three inches taller than me.

When I run, my long tongue does flap around a lot. I feel like a need a support bra to hold it in place or something. Thankfully I don’t bite it. It kind of looks like my big canine tooth is holding it in place here.

Olivia’s tongue is really waving in the wind in this shot too, but it is not as long as mine is. I claim that record!

Some more racing around with my tongue hanging out. I’m just a happy girl and I love to run around, even when it is really hot outside. Even Bailie gets her tongue out when it is really hot!

Walking along, even on gravel or grass, the ground shoots a lot of heat up at me. I’m used to it, but it would be nice to not get so warm sometimes! For me, I guess my long dog tongue could be considered a fashion accessory from mother nature!