Today we thought we would post a few outtakes from our Mom’s Day celebration. We are really good at photos, even with four of us. The above photo is a keeper and it only took 12 shots to get it, which isn’t bad. We all know the drill when it comes to photos and that helps.

Things don’t always go well in every shot, though. In our attempt to get the nice shot of all four of us, someone passed gas. Being scent hounds our noses were on it in an instant!

Of course, our smart noses led us right to the smiling culprit. Seriously, Bailie, did you think you could get away with that? Madison would not have anything to do with it all. She is such a proper lady most of the time.

Speaking of proper lady. Madison does get upset at times. For a small girl, she can really yell and make a scene! She prefers it when we all just cooperate.

Here I am seeing a potential cat burglar headed for the chocolates. That cat of ours is one we have to always keep our eyes on. He will steal anything, anytime.

Olivia didn’t feel like showing off the t-shirt she bought for Mom. This is her, really, I have to pose for this photo, look. Sometimes she can be a bit difficult.

Finally we’ll end our few outtakes with Nelson. He decided he wanted to try out the tumbler. The question is, how does it work? He never did figure it out!

Hopefully you had a laugh or two at our outtakes. If you missed our Mother’s Day post, you can click here to see it.