I had a banner day at Barn Hunt on Saturday! Not only did I earn my Open Title (RATO) I earned first place out of all the dogs in each search and High in Class in my second one! Not bad for a fifteen month old guy. You may recall my name was Banner when I was born, so a Banner day is kind of a pun from my mom. By the way, please ignore the straw in my beard, Mom left it because she says it is funny.

On Wednesday at practice, Mom showed me that if I find the rats, I get treats after we leave the ring. I didn’t really get what she meant. After thinking about it for a couple days, it clicked. I was super speedy, had a lot of fun, and then got a ton of tasty treats after we left the ring. In between my runs, I did a lot of sleeping. It is hard work in the rat ring!

In Open I had to find two rats, tunnel, and climb. The rules are above. Most of the dogs on Saturday needed about two minutes to do it all, but I was around a minute each time.

A dog needs three Q’s to earn a title. Back in November I earned my first Open Q, also a first place and High in Class.

Now I am in Senior which is pretty tricky. I have to find four rats now. In practice, I’ve never searched for more than two. Sunday I gave it a try and Mom says I was amazing. I did my tunnel, climb, and I found three of the four rats. Can you believe that I missed the easy one? Oh well. Now we will practice and maybe I can get my Senior (RATS) Title one of these days too.

Barn Hunt isn’t my favorite sport, but I do enjoy it. Madison and I will most likely be the family ratters as the other two sisters are not really into it at all.