It’s time to email Santa our letters. Every year we send our letters to the North Pole, but this year Nelson suggested we email Santa instead. Kids these days with their technology! I guess Santa put his email in Nelson’s phone when they met. Why not give it a try? Since we are running a bit late, it will for sure be faster!

I don’t think I need to write much of a letter. Santa knows me pretty well by now and I have been a good girl for the most part. He has to give me a lot of credit for taking that stupid trip to Montana in the fall. Travel is so not my thing but I was a good sport and did it anyway. My orange Furballz is almost dead, and I could really use a new one. Marrow bones and thick bully sticks would also be nice.

Santa knows I have been a really good girl this year. I’ve been helping out Mom a lot with raising Nelson, teaching him stuff all the time. My nose work has also gotten much better and I did well in my other sports this year too. Being picky, I could use some lamb treats. Lamb is my favorite kind of treat. Maybe Santa could find me some dehydrated lungs, they are so good. I could also use a new walking harness because mine gets so dirty with me being short. Mom can’t get it clean anymore. As for toys, I’m good on those right now.

My first email to Santa, I hope he gets it. I’m sure he knows what a good girl I am and how happy I have been making my mom with my sports this year. Nelson and I have a lot of fun together and I help teach him about nose work and I make sure he gets worn out every day by playing with him a lot. Treats are always a good thing in my book. Santa can send me any kind because I am not very picky. Some nice ones for training rewards and to keep in the car would be nice. I think we could use some new Furballz or other squeaker toys too.

Hi Santa, I am going to keep my letter short and to the point. We met already, so you know what a swell fellow I am, and any bad things that I may or may not have done should be excused because I am a puppy. Honestly, I don’t know how that hole got ripped in the living room carpet, suddenly it was just there. I love food and toys, so anything you can surprise me with in those categories would be ideal! Maybe you could get me an IPhone. Mom gave me her old Android to use, but kids these days all have IPhones. Mom doesn’t like IPhones, but I really would like one.

The good news is that we sent off our emails last week and we got our “Nice Confirmations” on Monday in our inboxes. We can all relax now! This is definitely something to be thankful for!

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