Puppy first Christmases are a special time. We learn about trees in the house, stockings, the nice list, and usually get to meet Santa Claus for the first time. We thought it would be fun to look back as Katie, Emma, Bailie, Madison, and Olivia to see what they looked like their first Christmases. This is my first Christmas, and I am enjoying it. Everything is so different than it has been the rest of my life, but I like it.

Emma celebrated her first Christmas in Germany in 2006. Katie was four that year and Emma was three and a half months old.

They did not do photos with Santa in Germany, so Katie and Emma had not met Santa Claus until 2007 when they were living in the US for the first time.

Bailie joined the family in 2013 as the second GBGV. She was six months old her first Christmas.

Her first Santa visit went pretty well. She was not sure if she liked him or not, but she sat still for her photo at least.

Madison has always been the family cutie because she is so small, and can be super sweet. She was four months old her first Christmas in 2016. It is amazing how dark her furs were!

Santa was not too scary for her, but you can see she is a little bit unsure about the guy.

Olivia has always been her own hound and Christmas is no exception. Of all the puppy first Christmases we have at our house, her photo memories are the funniest. Her first Christmas was in 2019 and she was nine months old.

I’m ending my look back with Olivia and Santa. She still has a fear of some men, and Santa is someone she wanted nothing to do with that day! It’s typical Olivia doing what she wants, not what she should do!

Hope you enjoyed our throwback today. We are thankful we have a lot of photos for all the memories. There are so many photos but I decided to limit it to just two per puppy.

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