Mom and I went walking in a winter wonderland on the Minnetonka Trail System on the weekend. After all our snow, it is so beautiful outside, the trails are plowed, so why not take in the beauty and get some fresh air and exercise? Come along with me and I will show you some of natures winter beauty.

The main trails are all groomed making walking a breeze, but there are also some off shoots that we enjoy when it is not winter. Some of these are trampled down for easy walking if you go in single file. This is where you can really see some pretty snow on the trees. The last day of the snowstorm left more heavy snow, thus the pretty arches to walk under.

Lots of people seem to be doing snowshoeing, which is great for packing down the snow and creating these off road trails for us to easily walk on.

Back on the main trail, we walked along the Minnehaha Creek, which is frozen. Mom says my furs are the perfect color for the fresh snow and cattails. Some people were out walking in the swamp and creek areas, but Mom is afraid to go out there. She says there is a good chance the ice is not thick enough and we don’t want to fall in.

Our favorite scene which this photo doesn’t even begin to capture was coming around the corner and seeing the bridge and all the snowy trees. It is just amazing! It was a pretty cold day, so Mom doesn’t bring more than the one lens for the camera. For one thing, lenses are heavy to carry, and she would have to take her gloves off to change lenses. We still got a lot of nice photos with just the one.

Remember the bridge in the last photo? Here I am sitting in the middle of it. I guess it is something they can’t plow very well without doing damage.

The train also goes through the area we were walking in. It is not legal to be on the train tracks or to take photos on them because it is dangerous. Not a problem, we took this nice photo under/next to the bridge where it crosses over the creek.

Walking in a winter wonderland can be a bit tiring, so why lot lay down for a few minutes. Mom wanted a nice photo, but I was hearing the snow falling off the trees and thought it might be a squirrel. Not a good time for me to focus on the camera when I am looking for a squirrel!

Mom wants to be outside walking all the time right now because it is so pretty but it won’t last forever. We all walk on this trail several times a year. It looks very different in the summer, and it is fun to see how it changes over the year. Hopefully you enjoyed our little winter wonderland tour.

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