Mom and I headed out to the Vulcan Snow Park Saturday morning to take a look at some snow sculptures. It is the Saint Paul Winter Carnival and they have all kinds of events like snow carving, ice carving, parades, and much more. We are not interested in the events for the most part, but the snow sculptures are in a good location to get to, and are dog friendly.

Emma was at this site back in 2016, and Madison took Olivia to see the sculptures in 2020. This year we came at the beginning of the competition, so things were just getting started. Most of the pieces are still in the midst of being carved. Still there are a few completed ones we could check out. We are making a note to come a week later if we decide to visit this event again sometime down the road.

We are in a cold snap, so it was a balmy three degrees above zero when we were there. It is great for the snow so it doesn’t melt, but the people working on sculptures really have to bundle up well.

A local car dealer had their log in snow with some of their new cars. I was all excited about the name Fury, but then Mom told me it is not furry, so that is a bummer.

Everything starts out with a block of snow. This is one of the smaller blocks waiting to be carved.

Someone carved a swine out of a really big block. I wonder what happens if this guy goes on the smoker? Actually, Mom says it is a piggy bank and the coins are behind me.

As I mentioned, it was just three degrees Fahrenheit outside when we stopped by. They have a food truck on the site and look at what they are offering! I don’t think anyone really needs ice or ice cold anything. At least they are also selling fresh, HOT, mini donuts!

This guy has a lot of nerve carving a squirrel! It is up high, which is lucky, or I would have wanted to grab it.

It is the Vulcan Snow Park, so it is only fitting that they have a snow Vulcan. Of course, I have to pose with this guy.

Now to leave you with an Awww moment between me and my mom. We asked some strangers to take a photo of us and I decided to give Mom a kiss for the photo. Although I hate riding in the car, I do love my mommy and me time very much.

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