We love wintertime at our house. As a matter of fact, it is our favorite season, especially when it is like this year – cold and loads of snow. So what makes us love it so much besides its beauty? Read on to see ten of the reasons we have selected to share today.

One of my favorite things to do is to go for walks. Our city is amazing at clearing the sidewalks! If it snows today, they will be out clearing the trails by six the next morning. When you get a big load of snow, this is super important. Walking in the street can be dangerous but we know that our walkways will be nice and tidy.

On the other paw, if we go out before the storm ends, we have to make it through the deep stuff. Mom and Bailie think it is fun to be the first ones to step into the freshly fallen snow. Since they are much taller than I am, it is easier for them to do that.

All of us enjoy the peacefulness of a walk after a nice snow. The mornings are so quiet, the snow muffles the noise and not many cars are out yet because we walk so early.

Another thing we love about winter morning walks in the darkness. Something about the sun not being up yet makes it feel so much more relaxing and quiet. Most people are not out and we have the world to ourselves.

This year we have a lot of snow, so the snowbanks along the walkways are too high for us to see over. All of us like to hop onto the snowbanks to check for critters. Rabbits and squirrels are easy to spot on the white snow. If Bailie and Nelson see one, look out. Mom needs to hold on tight and it will get loud. Both of them love to use their hunting calls! They love wintertime for easier hunting.

The snow mounds are amazing this year. At shopping malls, they look like mountains! I enjoy climbing around on the giant snow piles in parking lots. A small girl like me can see a lot from up high.

I’m thankful for my siblings when it comes to our yard. They blaze a set of trails right away when it snows. After running them several times they get really nice and I can go out and about in the yard. This year, even our trails in the yard are pretty deep in the snow.

One thing I love is to stand on my back two paws and walk. People are amazed at how strong my core is. Well, I think it all comes down to living and keeping up with siblings who are bigger than I am. I have to use a lot more muscle to do what they do. Running through the fresh snow before trails have been made is a good example. It is exhausting!

Olivia is like mom, she loves to run and be fast all the time. Running in the snow is one of her favorite things to do. Of course, she is our sports hound.

Finally, I enjoy the winter fashion. A girl has to look good, right? Emma taught me a lot about fashion, and I honor her by trying hard to be fashionable. PS, in case you missed it, check out Nelson’s Man Cave, a reason he is loving winter!

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