We are thankful for Speedy Wrecker Service in West Virginia. We have no road trip regrets, but this trip was full of trouble. Day one we hit a snow storm, and then a closed interstate. Day two was even worse. Mom rented a car because she thought it would be a good idea but we won’t do that again! We blew a tire on the highway going 70 mph. The rental car company was not much help and wanted to leave us on the side of the road.

It’s not easy with two humans, three dogs and a ton of luggage if you need road side assistance. We also found it quite scary sitting on the shoulder of a busy interstate with cars racing by. It took about two hours before the rental company got a tow truck to us. Chris was the driver and he was super nice and helpful Just having him pull up helped put us all a bit more at ease.

Mom didn’t want us dogs to get out of the car on the highway. Even on leash, she is afraid something might happen. Chris said maybe I should ride in the tow truck with the humans since I am smaller and much quieter than my siblings. I was fine with that. He loaded the car with Olivia and Nelson onto his truck. They were safe all buckled in just like they are when we are driving normally.

Since I was in the other row of seats, Mom could easily grab me and carry me to the cab of the truck where we grabbed a seat on the bench. Mom and I were both scared and shaky, but together we calmed each other down.

The ride took almost an hour and a half, so I settled in and enjoyed the ride as best as I could. We wished we had a spy cam to see what the other two were doing in the car.

Chris is a good driver, but still the ride was loud and bumpy in his truck.

He dropped us off at the airport where we could get a different rental to continue our journey and hopefully make it to North Carolina in time for our nose work trials. The car with the flat was left in the damaged vehicle lot. Thank goodness for Speedy Wrecker Service for helping us out and for being so kind. Unfortunately, it was not the end of our car rental nightmare. More on that tomorrow.

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