We are in the seriously deep snow now! We got about eighteen inches of beautiful fresh powder in forty eight hours from Tuesday to Thursday. It was a two part storm with about six inches the first wave and twelve the second. Now we have a lot of work to do as all our trails are completely gone.

I’m the tallest of us four, and see how far up the snow comes on me when I walk in the short trail we have made so far? It’s hard trying to sniff out where our trails used to be.

Here is a shot of me balancing my ears. See that? One up and one down?

This winter has been so good to us with snow, we sure hope there will be more winters like this in the coming years. Snow is so much fun to play around in!

For me, I love the snow, but being so short, I am buried easily! Thursday morning I barely made it from the house to the street because of the drifting snow. I had to hop up and down to get myself to the road. Luckily there were tire tracks there that I could walk in.

My core is really strong. How does that happen? I think it is from all the extra muscles I have developed to keep up with bigger siblings and a human. Powering through the deep snow takes a lot of muscle and energy.

Since I work much harder than the others in the family, I usually get more food and snacks. All this working out makes a girl hungry. I east the same amount as my sisters yet I weigh a lot less.

Can you see in this photo how hard I’m working to porpoise out of the snow to move forward?

I’m a big snow lover, but I have to admit I miss Nelson in this fresh snow. The two of us have so much fun, but we will just have to have that fun next week instead.

My photos are so funny because I am in the deep snow. I need to figure out where we should start expanding our trail system so we can get after any critters that come into the yard.

Of course, racing through the snow if my favorite thing to do. I love speed.

Snow makes us all happy at our house and this winter has had lots of snow and lots of happy to go along with it. Hopefully we will have a few more weeks to enjoy winter before the spring melting begins and everything turns into a wet mess.

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