Growing up Olivia has been pretty fun I would say. Since it is my birthday week, I thought I would look back at how I have changed my first three years. I’ll start with the day I was born until today, which is my photo at the computer. I was sorting through all the photos of me the past three years and I chose a few to post today.

Here we go! I don’t remember this day at all, but this is me right after I was born on March 25th, 2019. Holy smokes, was I tiny or what? Remember I am a love child. My daddy was a fun loving young fellow who happened to run into my beautiful mom who was supposedly no longer in heat. Well, the birds and bees got to work and here I am. Mom says it was Emma’s master plan because she knew Mom needed a hound like me.

This is one of our first family photos where I was about ten weeks old. Mom could tell right away that I would be a bit of a wild child. My sisters were not quite sure what to think of me.

Here I am at eleven weeks old. Mom took me out for my first walk/photo shoot. I did pretty well with sitting still for a young pup.

Enough of the super cute puppy pics. By the time I was six months old, I was starting to look pretty grown up for my age.

2020 is not a year people like to remember, but for me it was my first birthday. First birthdays are a big deal and Mom loves to celebrate our birthdays. She ordered this silly party hat for me. It is orange, but all that pink fluff is a bit much. I’m not really a girly girl type, but still I wore the hat.

My second birthday hat is much more me. It has bold orange and kind of a wild look to it. Looking back at my birthday photos I realized that we’ve never had snow on my birthday! 2023 has changed that.

Last year I turned three and had a tiny hat. Mom let me pick it out at the bakery when I ordered my birthday treats. Birthday photo shoots are always fun because it means special mommy and me time.

Now I’m about to turn four. Mom says I’ve been growing up way too fast, but I have turned out perfect. I love to run, play, and do my sports. We don’t usually post on Saturdays, but since my birthday falls on a Saturday this year, I’ll have my birthday photo shoot that day. I hope you enjoyed looking back at how I’ve changed the past three years since I was born.

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