Oh how I love to enjoy the great outdoors. Sometimes for sports, sometimes for fun, and sometimes to just be silly. Being outside is healthy for dogs and humans and we spend a lot of time out there. Today I thought I would share some photos of my outdoor fun from the past year.

Every season is fun, but I think winter is the most fun of all. The yard can change in just hours and we get a whole new playground. I enjoy racing around with my siblings or just by myself.

My crazed eyes work in all seasons and I love to use them. Mom thinks they make for fun photos too.

A girl needs to keep in shape all year long. FastCAT can be practiced in the snow by chasing leaves across the top of the snow. I get really long when I chase after them.

The leaves and cooler air in the fall after a hot summer give us all more energy. It makes flying much easier.

In the summer we find all out toys we didn’t see over the winter. Grabbing one and running around playing keep away is always a fun game at our house.

Simple trotting around if it isn’t too hot outside is nice as well. I think I need to get myself groomed. My furs are rather long in this photo.

My favorite summer sport is in the great outdoors, FastCAT! I just love to chase that lure.

I’ve only had a squawker twice in my three years of competing in FastCAT, but I can tell you, they are the best. It could cause me to lose my mind!

After all that running, playing, and speed, it is nice to find a small place to just relax. The great outdoors are the very best place to be!

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