I’m rolling in springtime here in our backyard. Last week was sunny and in the eighties, so the grass was a bit dry. That dry grass makes for a great back scratching place if you ask me!

The rest of the family doesn’t roll around like I do. What is wrong with them anyway?

It makes me so relaxed my paws just flop off to the side.

Even my tail enjoys some time thumping on the hard surface. Since I had my hair brushed earlier in the day, this will get it back to looking the way I like it!

Everything feels better rolling around on the grass, but my back feels the best. I kind of stretch it out and scratch it all at the same time.

Rolling in springtime is hard work, so I take a break for a few seconds and look around to see if I am missing any fun in the yard.

Next I roll on my other side and have a look at the yard in that direction. One never knows when Nelson may appear out of nowhere and dive bomb me!

Now that I am all nicely scratched and my furs are back how I like them, I can sit up and look for something else to do. It’s a shame my siblings and human don’t enjoy rolling around like I do because it feels so good.

Over the weekend we got snow and it is cold and there is a nasty wind. The first summer is over but it will be back in another week or so we think.

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