Puppy love is in full bloom this spring! Our neighbors brought home a Leonberger puppy recently and I, Nelson, am falling in love. I’m surrounded by girls – my three sisters, Winnie, a doodle in the yard behind us and now Rosie in the yard next to us.

She is already a big girl at just four months old, but I think I might like big girls? Mom says right now she kind of looks like a soft and fuzzy Malinois but she will change as she grows up.

This girl is a little bit shy and she also enjoys playing hard to get with me. Of course, with me being so handsome, she always comes around and plays with me.

Mom doesn’t want me learning to run the fence, but it is the only game we can really play together right now so I do it anyway.

We both run about the same speed it seems. A lot of the time we are nose to nose. If only this stupid fence was not here!

Look at how we are in sync with our legs as we run together! Is this puppy love or what?

We don’t even try to run in sync but it keeps happening. It really shows we are destined to be together. Mom says I’m just a girl crazy young man and this crush will blow over. I guess time will tell.

Whether or not our love lasts, we are going to have fun with each other for now. When Olivia is too busy to play with me, I have someone else who will make time for me.

Being a real “guy” and ladies man, I’m super thankful to be surrounded by so many good looking and fun girls! Don’t tell my mom, but sometimes we give each other a kiss through the fence.

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