What happened in Waterloo, Iowa one year ago today? I met my mom and went to my new home in Minnesota. It’s my one year Gotcha Day! Last year I left my dog parents and siblings with just this bunny blanket and my lambie that smelled like my family and moved north. It was a scary day, but it all has worked out really well for me, and my new family!

Mom didn’t have time to drive all the way to Missouri to pick me up, so my breeder met her half way in Waterloo. Madison and Olivia came with Mom, but they had no interest in being around me. Thank dog my mom was crazy about me. She could not believe what a big boy I was already, but now she is used to me. I even gave her some of my kisses the first time she held me.

When we got home Mom showed me my new yard and let me do some exploring. I was a bit tired after the three hour drive because I screamed the entire way. Madison and Olivia were not at all amused with me at this point.

The sniffing in the yard was really interesting. I could smell my sisters, as well as lots of squirrels and rabbits.

Mom did let my sisters come out to play with me, but no one wanted to. Bailie especially took off into the house as soon as she saw I was a puppy. She does not like puppies very much. Giving up would not be an option, so I did chase the girls a little bit but they didn’t chase back.

The cat also came out and I was a bit suspicious of him.

For me it was a really long day, getting a bath, saying good bye to my dog family, traveling from Missouri to Minnesota, and then trying to find someone to like me at my new house. This boy was kind of tired.

Finally we went inside and I hung out with my lambie. The smells of my dog parents and siblings was very comforting. I knew in time my new family would learn to love me but I had to be tough and persistent. Girls are not easy!

Now, a year later, I’m happy as a clam, my sisters and that cat love me, and my mom is pawsome! What a lucky guy I am!

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