It’s yearly exam time and off to the vet I went. Getting a yearly check up is important to make sure your dog is healthy and to keep up on immunizations. Since our life span is shorter than a human, one year is more like several human years. A lot can happen in a year. Mom used to take all the furs together, but there are simply too many of us, so we are now going one at a time.

This was my first time going to this clinic. Mom went here for years but when the pandemic hit, they stopped allowing people in the building with pets and the whole place was also under construction. We found a new clinic, but Mom says she never felt real confident in the doctors there, so we are back at the old one now. It is a nice place and they are very friendly.

As always with humans there was a lot of chit chat going on in the beginning of my appointment – boring! To busy myself I had a look out the window into the woods out back. I am pretty good at keeping myself busy. The doctor and Mom went over my medical records, and discussed my recent eye surgery and then it was exam time.

She checked me out completely and told me I am in ideal health and my eyes look great. My weight is a good 48.5 pounds and I don’t need to worry about it at all. Since this is my first yearly exam, I had to get a couple shots but I don’t have to have them again for three years which is nice. I waited for the doctor to come back with the needle things. Of course, I demanded treats for my inconvenience and I got some yummy crackers. Next May I’ll be back again for a check up and hopefully will still be in Grand health.

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