It’s a funtastic family Friday at our house. Nothing really special is going on, just lots of miscellaneous things. First of all, today is Cinco de Mayo! If you want to celebrate with your pup, I have a great barkarita recipe from a few years back.

We finally have had some spring around here. Nelson is practicing strutting his stuff for his next dog show, whenever that may be. He is a silly guy, but we love him and he does have nice form.

The sure sign of spring is the Dandy Lions. Funny thing is that no one we know finds them dandy. Take a hot tip from me. Don’t give your mom a bouquet of these for Mother’s Day. She will most likely give you the rest of the day in your kennel with no snacks. Moms don’t like these yellow flowers.

Madison is trying to run around the yard but her furs are way too thick and out of control. They actually create some drag. Next week she is scheduled to have a spa day to get everything back in shape.

Olivia is, well, Olivia. She has some things coming up on her schedule. We all have to love her tail flag pole. I think she is going to start running with Mom since they both love running so much.

The whole family is happy cat bro Bert is going outside a lot. It keeps him out of our beds and furs. He is happier too and doesn’t yell at our mom as much as usual.

I’m sniffing for critters and I’m quite happy that I don’t have any sports scheduled. The rest of the family can hit the road on the weekends. I’m happy to stay home and sniff around here.

Lastly, a couple trees are starting to flower. Everything is a few weeks behind but it should explode in a couple weeks. Hope you have a funtastic family Friday too!

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