It’s double titles for me last weekend! Mom says I’m on a roll and she is loving it. Madison hasn’t gotten into any trials and Olivia is kind of in between things right now, so it is all me in the spotlight. I think I am loving this and Mom is too! Sunday morning I had a Level One Container Trial, and in the afternoon I had a Level One Vehicle Trial.

Containers was four searches, each with one hide. I found the hide in each search. The one search with the boxes in the grass was really hard for me because I wanted to sniff around in the grass. Mom kept bugging me until I finally sniffed the containers and told her which one it was. Now I have my L1C Title.

In the afternoon I had my Level One Vehicle Trial. This was really hard, at least two of the four searches were tough for our team. This trial was also four searches each with one hide. Mom says we need to do more vehicle search work before my next nose work trial. I have to agree. The main thing is that even if time was almost up, I managed to come up with the hide. This camper trailer was part of one of the searches.

Madison still needs to get her L1V Title, and the rest of us are stuck at L2V. Hopefully there will be more element trials in the future. I’m a happy guy earning double titles, not to mention the other titles I’ve earned recently. Winning is a lot of fun and I sure get a lot of treats too!

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