The evening wild pants are starting to come out now that it gets dark later. Mom isn’t all that happy as we get totally wound up right before we are supposed to go to bed, but she doesn’t have the heart to stop our fun.

Nelson and I chase and wrestle non-stop until Mom forces us to come back inside. It takes us a while to settle down, but then we crash really hard. I even snore, but Nelson doesn’t snore at all.

Next Friday is our first FastCAT of the year, Nelson’s first one ever. I told him we need to really practice our running so we can get some fast times. He better not be faster than I am, but I guess we will find out next weekend who is speedier.

Running and chasing is fun, but stopping to do some wrestling is a lot of fun too. We love to tackle each other and roll around in the yard. I may be faster, but Nelson is a lot stronger and bigger than I am which is a disadvantage in wrestling.

The evening wild pants always include some racing around the pine trees. Some of the branches are broken off and Nelson enjoyed some prancing with a branch for a while.

Here I broke away from the little guy and as I was making my turn, I realized he was headed right at me. Thankfully, we didn’t have a collision.

After a lot of chasing, racing and wrestling, we are ready to head inside. Mom calls us and offers up some bedtime snacks as an incentive. Both of us race full speed back into the house. We are definitely making the most of the yard right now.

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