Happy Mothers Day 2023 to our mom! Mom has plans with some of us this weekend, so we celebrated early at our house. Saturday was Dog Mom’s Day, so why not celebrate all weekend. We each got her a present that we thought she would like. She loves our gifts, but her favorite thing is always getting a good photo of us all together. It isn’t always easy with four of us, but this one turned out pretty good we think. Even our berets are sitting fairly well on our heads.

For my gift, I chose dark chocolate. Mom loves sweets but isn’t eating them anymore. She does like dark chocolate sometimes still. I figure we can just hang out in the evening with some snacks together and watch TV or something.

Madison chose to get Mom some flowers. Her thought was pink ones but then she saw this bouquet with pink, purple, orange, and lime flowers. Since it represents all of Mom’s fur kids, it is perfect. Mom can look at it and think of each of us.

Olivia is the sports nut in the family, along with Mom. She ordered Mom a white FastCAT t-shirt with orange and pink on it. Since Olivia and Madison are just running for FastCATX now, it works for either one of them. What does it say? It says Fast Cat Hander We run on dog hair and caffeine. Mom does have a lot of dog hair do deal with and she also loves her diet coke. Good choice, Olivia.

Last but not least, we have the boy, aka, Nelson. He knows Mom drinks water all the time, so he got her a new water tumbler. It says Dog Mom Life Is Ruff. He is a smart boy getting her a new tumbler.

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