Buried hides? Not a problem for me, Mr. Nelson! I struggled with them back at the trial in January. The past week Mom practiced with me a couple times out in the  yard and I got the concept. To earn my overall Advanced Scent Work Title, I needed to pass both buried hide searches on Sunday. We were searching at the Regional Public Safety Training Center at the Golden Retriever Club Scent Work Trial.

In AKC Scent Work, buried hides are in sand or water. Advanced is in water. My searches were kind of outside, in a covered building that was open on one end and had rain leaking in all over. Oh yes, it rained pretty much the entire time we were at the trial, not the best weather. I had to find two hides in each search. In the first search I placed second out of twenty dogs! In the second search I think I placed ninth.

Earning my Buried Hide Title gives me my overall Advanced Title. Now I am in Excellent and Masters going forward.

Olivia and I both went to the trial. Olivia did a Detective search. Mom was testing some stuff but that didn’t work out all that well. My interior searches were also not real good. Mom says we need more practice on interiors as we search outside most of the time. Still Olivia and I had a fun time sniffing and hanging out together all day. Now we need to clean out the car that got dirty inside from all the wet dirt we walked in at the trial sight.

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