The signs of springtime are all around us right now. It seems like overnight, after some rain and stormy weather, the sun came out and the outdoors exploded into spring. Since we are now confident there will be no more frost or snow, Mom decided to plant some flowers in our pots. We always put red flowers on the front step as they look pretty with the brick.

Bailie loves the budding lilacs on the side of the house. Mom loves to smell them.

We check in on Missy and Matt’s eggs every day. They still have not hatched. Mom snapped this recent photo of the nest when Missy was taking a break and we are pretty sure there are ten eggs, not seven. According to our calculations, they should hatch any day now.

I love the pink flowers and flowering trees. Bold pink is my very favorite.

The light pink flowers on our cherry trees are not bad, but bright is more my thing.

We see just as many white flowering trees on our walks. We tease Nelson about them looking like wedding flowers since he is so very girl crazy!

These buds are super pretty, and if you look closely, you can see the water droplets on them. Our family is not at all into plants and gardening, so we don’t know what trees/flowers most of these are, but it doesn’t matter. We enjoy just looking at them.

I helped plant the pots on the deck with pretty pink geraniums last week. They are already making themselves at home and are growing.

Sadly, Canada is on fire, so this week we don’t have much sun because of the haze from the smoke. It is pretty to look at the sun through the haze though. We are thankful that spring brings so much beauty to where we live, haze or no haze.

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