Nelson and I enjoyed some Sniff N Go fun at the Commemorative Air Force Museum on the weekend. We got to sniff around all kinds of military stuff, including vehicles, bombs (not active), and airplanes!

I’ve got a lot of experience under my furry belt after four years of sniffing, but Nelson is just sixteen months old and has a lot to learn and experience. Part of the beauty of this place is all the stuff a dog needs to learn to work through, as well as people, lots of noises, and even moving airplanes. Nelson had four searches, two in crowded interior spaces, one big outdoor space, and one military vehicle search.

We got to see the famous Miss Mitchell aircraft, Nelson was able to take a photo with her. She served in the 310th Bomb Group, 57th Bomb Wing of the 12th Air Force in North Africa and Italy completing over 130 missions. Its legacy of no crew fatalities during all of its missions was a rare accomplishment. Prior to taking command of the 8th Air Force in Europe in 1944, the 12th Air Force was under the command of then Brigadier General Jimmy Doolittle. On April 18, 1942, 16 U.S. Army B-25s under the command of Lt. Col. James Doolittle launched from the deck of American aircraft carrier U.S.S. Hornet on the country’s first attack against Japan of World War II.

After a 12 year restoration by the Minnesota Wing of the Commemorative Air Force, Miss Mitchell took her first flight on April 18, 1992, exactly 50 years to the day of the daring Doolittle raid. It’s rare for humans to see such a special plane, but even more rare for us dogs to see, sniff, and take a photo with one.

For my three searches the challenges were lots of stuff, and my hangar search was in the actual museum. There were people walking by, watching me sometimes, talking, mechanics working on aircraft, and planes outside taxiing by. It didn’t phase me a bit. Nelson and I each chose one search and put them together in the video below.

Nelson is in the overcrowded garage. He did a great job sorting through all the stuff, ignoring scary noises, and finding the three hides. My video is the hangar search where I got to search an airplane as well as other items. The plane I searched was a World War II SMJ-4/AT-6 Texan. It was used by all branches of the military for pilot training. This one was used by the navy.

We have searched here three times now, for sniff n go fun and for actual nose work trials. Mom says we are super lucky to get such great opportunities!

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