Awww, have you seen crazy eyes Olivia? We just got photos from our FastCAT a couple weeks ago. Mom has lots of photos of us, but mainly she wanted photos of Nelson. She could not avoid looking at my gallery as well, and she bought these two photos of me with my crazed look. I’m lucky my eyes didn’t pop out of my head.

Here is another one with my intense focus on the lure. Some dogs like Bailie run to their Mom, but I definitely try to catch the lure. This year for the first time I actually bit it at the end of the track. I didn’t destroy it, but I had it in my mouth. This is the beginning of my fourth year running FastCAT, and Mom says I get crazier every year – and that is a good thing!

We are lucky to have a photographer at a lot of our FastCAT events as the photos are always fun to see. We purchased these for our own use. Come back tomorrow to see Nelson’s runs.

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