Does Nelson enjoy FastCAT? What do you think? We purchased my photos from my very first run and from my title run. I sure look like a happy guy! Look at those big paws flying along.

The first five photos are from my very first run. Remember, I was a bit confused, but then realized how the game works and I took off. Notice I am focused on the lure already.

Happy guy, happy guy!

Do you see the smile on my face. Oh what fun I am having!

Here is my leap frog capture. Look at how my legs are positioning to give me the max speed. I’m also very focused on the prize, aka, lure.

Now we have photos of my last run for my BCAT Title. I really want to capture that lure.

This photo is just plain silly. Mom says it makes her laugh at me.

After some silly, it is back to flying. I sure can get a lot of air for a big guy.

Here I am closing in on the lure and my BCAT Title. Such a happy time! I really do enjoy FastCAT and Mom loves it too because it is so very simple.

On a coincidental, funny note. On of my brothers, Seb, who I was at Purina Farms with last September for conformation, got his BCAT Title in FastCAT the same day I did. He ran in Kentucky. I didn’t even know he was running. Maybe it happened because we are brothers? He is the crazy one who doesn’t know how to behave for photos in the picture above.

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