We are sharing our thankful thoughts today because it is important to always be thankful for something. Even on the worst of days we should always find a reason to be thankful. Being thankful is good for the heart. For our post we each got to pick one thing we are very thankful for. Each of us had to pick something different. Of course, all of us are most thankful for each other and our mom who loves us so much and we love her back just as much.

Since Mom was a flight attendant for many years, she is big on seniority rules. I’ve been here the longest, so I get to go first. What is not pawsome about healthy food and treats? We have two of these freezers in our garage packed with food and treats, plus more healthy treats in our kitchen treat drawer. Not all dogs have food, let alone healthy food. I love eating, so food is very important to me.

Travel adventures are one of my favorite parts of life. All of us are darn lucky we get to see so many places in the world and have a ton of new experiences in those places. Even Bailie has traveled a lot, although these days not very much. All the new sights, smells, and new people are something to be thankful for. Many dogs rarely get to leave their homes and that is a life we can’t even begin to imagine.

Sports take one hundred fifty percent of my thankful thoughts. How lucky I am to be able to participate in so many sports with my Mom, who is the best teammate I can imagine. We have such a good time together when we play. My siblings also enjoy sports with Mom, but I am over the top crazy about them, as is Mom.

Since I am the lowest guy on the seniority list I chose toys to be thankful for. It is true that I love to play with toys and it is ideal to have a room with tons of toys to choose from. We have rubber, cloth, squeaky, and interactive toys. Some days if I am bored I go upstairs and bring down some toys I haven’t played with in a while. Thankfully, we won’t ever have a toy shortage here.

There are many more things we are all thankful for, but for today we are sticking with this list.

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