Welcome to Friday fun and flowers. The past week has been so hot and humid out, we haven’t been able to do much. Nelson and I have been hanging out a lot. Here we are after a bit of wrestling. See our tongues hanging out from the heat? Mine hangs straight, Nelson’s always hangs out to the side.

While out and about on a walk, we found some pretty flowers. Of course, I love the pretty pink peonies.

The white ones look very fancy, but personally I prefer bright colors.

We don’t know what these flowers are, but they are on a bush. It looks like someone sprinkled poppy seeds over them!

Petunias are always pretty, and we came across these pretty yellow ones.

Nelson and I did some wrestling but since Mom only had her phone, she didn’t get many photos of us.

After some fun we had to rest a bit. The heat takes a lot out of us! Hope you enjoyed some fun and flowers!

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