I did my 10th birthday treat shopping early this year. June is a packed month for our family, and then Mom realized everyone will be out of town on my actual birthday. She feels bad about that, but my pet sitter will celebrate with me, I’m sure. I even got to pick out a special treat just for me and my special day! Of course, shopping took place at the Three Dog Bakery.

It’s always good to sniff through the whole store before making any decisions. One never knows what might be new and better than the last time. These femur bones sure look tasty, but they would not be good to serve at a party.

I also had a sniff of the small bones one can buy in bulk but they seem to be more for daily treats. For my party, I need something fancy and special. It isn’t every day a girl turns ten!

As always, Mom had to do some chit chat with the owner! I enjoyed a rest on the cool concrete floor. Can you believe they have Packers stuff in such a nice bakery? I mean really, we are in Minnesota, there is no room for Packers here!

Finally, I decided on my 10th birthday treat and treats for the party too. Can you tell they are in this pastry case? I’m super happy because I find them to be really yummy, and they look great too!

Because it is a special birthday for me, we asked for some extra decorating. I felt the need to snoopervise the process.

Mom got the green papers out and paid for my selection. The owner of the bakery packaged everything up for us so it will last and still look great at my party. I’m so excited to celebrate! We have never had this kind of treat/cake before. I sure hope my siblings love it as much as I do!

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