Today I thought I would look back at my first puppy year here at home. I did a lot of things for a little one. It is fun to go back and see how everyone and everything has changed over the years. Lucky for me, Mom has always taken a lot of photos to keep memories alive.

This is my first family photo, taken the day I arrived at my house. As you can see, my coloring has changed a lot as I don’t even look like myself really! Katie didn’t look very amused about having me join the family. The funny thing is that she actually loved me and playing with me.

As soon as my breeder left, I got into trouble chewing on one of my mom’s shoes. Of course, with my sweet face, she could not be upset with me!

I’ve always been into hunting, even if it is hunting for a stuffed chipmunk!

Mom says I was a funny and crazy puppy. I always have loved tunnels. At the time, the cats had a cat tunnel which I took over as my own. I guess I used to hang out in there like this a lot.

Busy puppies are also tired puppies. I did enjoy my naps.

In November 2013, at five months old, I took my first road trip. Don’t be mistaken, I didn’t like the car ever. The entire drive to Fort Myers, FL, I never slept and was constantly moving around, panting, and being nervous.

In January 2014, Emma and I had our very first nose work class. We both loved it right away and Mom fell in love too. Nose work is truly the best dog sport we know of. I don’t compete much anymore, but I love to practice with my siblings at home.

In May 2014 at eleven months old, we road tripped to Las Vegas, actually stayed in Lake Las Vegas. I had fun there, but the trip was a nightmare for me.

This photo was taken of me, Katie, and Emma a week before my first birthday, the end of my first puppy year. We all went for a walk together around a local lake.

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