Today I’m looking at my birthdays past. Things have changed each year, hats, parties, my looks, just to name a few items. Come along with me as I go back to my first to ninth birthdays.

Who is this little cutie pie? Is that really me who turned one? What in the world was I doing with all the pink. I’m not the girly girl type at all!

Two is one of my favorite birthday years. I love the pupcakes Emma made for me, the balloons, my hat, it was a really fun year.

Turning three was the year I was thinking I was all grown up and I tried to look like the queen of the world. It is also my first year where I had purple as my color.

Four was a total fashion disaster. I don’t know what I was thinking when I chose that goofy had and my purple feathers???

When I hit five I guess I felt like a top hat was in order. I remember feeling really fancy that year with the feather in my cap, LOL!

Six seems to be the year I didn’t have any creativity. It was the first birthday for me without Emma, my fashion consultant. I guess a girl can’t be perfect every year.

Lucky seven was a fun photo shoot. Mom took me to the warehouse district and the river. We had a great walk and took some pretty photos.

Eight was not especially great as it was hotter than could be, similar to this year. Still we went to the lake and had a fun time shooting some birthday photos.

Last year turning nine was just fine as far as birthdays past go. We had a fun photo shoot and the pictures turned out pretty nice.

Saturday is my birthday and I will have the photo shoot from this year for all of you. I’m thankful Mom loves photos as it is always fun to look back and remember the past.

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