I had an early but still top ten birthday party to celebrate turning ten! My family was out East on my birthday, so we celebrated before my special day. Mom bought me a special snack for my pet sitter to give me on my birthday. Yes, I am spoiled, but Mom says life is short, so enjoy it as much as you can.

Mom surprised me with my super cute new party hat from the Sand Dollar Dog Company, and together we picked out the closest thing to a purple cake we could find. It is actually blueberry cake so it may be considered a health food…or not…  We bought half the cake so we would have four nice pieces and the bakery lady wrote a “10” on the dollop on each piece. Naughty Nelson somehow got his tongue on the one dollop and licked the “10” off, but thankfully he was caught before eating more!

Here is a close up of a slice. They were not too small and not too big. We all just loved the flavor, and devoured our own pieces. I’m pretty sure the Three Dog Bakery doesn’t make anything that isn’t to drool for!

As always, Mom likes to have lots of party photos to remember our special days by. Here we all are waiting for the photos to get done so we can dig in. Everyone chose their own party hat from our collection and I think my sisters and brothers did a good job of it. Nelson also got to wear his birthday party neck tie.

After Nelson’s incident with the number, she didn’t trust him to wait to eat his cake, so we did a photo of us all with our cake on the far side of the table. Thankfully, no one got up onto the table to steal.

And finally, we all got our slices and permission to dig right in!

You can tell a top ten birthday party when everyone is so busy eating their cake, nothing else is happening.

The pieces were big enough and the cake dense enough that we could not just swallow the thing in one bite. Nelson did try, but was not successful. Olivia tried as well, but couldn’t do it either.

Of course, the lady of the house, Miss Madison, savored every single lick of her piece and was the last one at the table. She eats faster than she used to, but still enjoys taking her time. Don’t worry, she sat there and finished off every last crumb on her plate.

I had a great top ten birthday party to celebrate my first decade of life. The cake was a huge hit! Even though my party celebration had to be early, all of us had a blast! Cheers to my next ten years!

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