We headed out to The Kiski School in Pennsylvania last Thursday morning for Olivia’s Summit Trial. Even though it is an all boys boarding school, we girls got to go along and stay on campus in a real dorm room. Nelson liked it there and said he might want to go to the school when he is older, but Mom said he can’t move away from home.

It is about a fourteen hour drive to Saltsburg, so we stopped in Indiana for the first night. Mom was loading up the car in the morning. Nelson and I were concerned she might leave us behind, so we kept tabs on her from the hotel window. She has never forgotten us, but who knows if there will be a first time.

We had no idea what to expect as we pulled into the campus. The winding road took us to our dorm where we would be staying for three nights.

Our room was nothing fancy, but we had enough space and it was clean. Once we “moved in” it was quite the mess, so we decided to use the photo from before we moved in.

One morning there was a fog over campus which was really quite pretty. At you can see by the clock, Mom had us out walking at six ten in the morning.

We found this sign in a play area and thought it would be fitting for us when we have our wild pants on.

The beautiful bell tower is in the middle of campus. Don’t ever go near there on the hour. Every hour it chimes and it is super loud.

I found a nice spot in the shade to relax during Olivia’s trial. It is super boring having to hang out in the car all day when your sister is getting to sniff! Mom kept busy taking me and Nelson for lots of short walks.

Not far from our dorm was a nice lookout spot. Mom is scared of heights and it is quite a steep drop, so she didn’t get too close. The Kiski School is for young boys, and it seems rather dangerous with the cliff on one side of campus.

Nelson and I found a nice fountain. It was pretty warm out during the day, so the cool water seemed like a nice place to hang out.

Olivia is at another lookout spot. Behind her and down the cliff on the other side of the river is the actual town of Saltsburg. Everything around the area is very old. Mom didn’t drop Olivia’s leash as she is so afraid someone or dog might fall over the edge.

That concludes our little tour of The Kiski School boys boarding school, where even we girls had some fun. It goes to show you that even when you are in the middle of nowhere, there are cool places to see and visit. Now we will rest our paws on this lovely stone bench for a bit.

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