The joy of finding a hide is the main reason we all do nose work. Mom says I take that joy a bit farther than my sisters do. Back in May I earned my Level On Container and Vehicle Titles. The still photos just came out and we purchased them all. Today I am sharing some that show how happy I am when I find a hide and get rewarded. Above is a photo of me racing to my first vehicle search.A special thanks to Wyatt Lees and Vega Media for shooting our trial and taking such wonderful photos.

I do tend to be rather impatient, especially when I am waiting to go do some sniffing. Mom and I were at the staging area before my search, and I simply wanted to get going.

My first container search was outside under a pavilion. I found the hide at the end of the second row, and gave my mom my alert.

Dogs are smart, and I am no exception. I know when I hear “alert”, it means treat time. As you can see I get super excited to get my treats from my mom! Even my long floppy ears get all worked up about treats.

We did four container searches. See how happy Mom is when she is about to give me my reward. Even some of the volunteers are smiling for us.

The second trial we did was vehicle searches. I found the hide in the first search quickly. My ears propelled me up to get my treat from Mom. See how happy my mom is too?

Sometimes I feel like a celebrity when I find hides. This is my paparazzi shot.

We searched a camper attached to a big pick up truck. I worked really hard on this search and Mom was afraid I would not find the hide in time, but I did.

For this find, we stepped off into the grass to have our celebration. As always, my ears are celebrating too. Nose work is a game and it is all about finding the hide, or in higher levels, hides.

In another of my four vehicle searches that day, I found the hide in the trailer hitch of all places. It was my first trailer hitch hide and my face kind of tells that story.

Still, a hide is a hide, and I am ready to celebrate. My paws are dancing, eyes are focused, and I am ready to get my treats for finding a hide.

I hope you have enjoyed some of my happy photos from that day in May. Nose work is so much fun, it is obvious I love it, and Mom loves competing with me. Go Team Lime Green!

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