Three weeks ago we ran our second FastCAT weekend of the season. This time Madison also came along to run as she was cleared by her doctor. Poor Madison still has some PTSD from her crash last year. We can tell she is slower than usual because she is being careful. Each run she got faster, which is a good thing. She is looking forward to running again next weekend and picking up speed. We ran two days and each got four Q’s for the weekend.

Mom was disappointed when she saw the course. Naturally no course is perfectly flat and we have run some that have a very slight incline or decline. This one had a pretty big incline which we were not happy about. Had we known, we would not have entered and we won’t be back next year. Still, we all had fun running and our times were slower than on flat ground, but not all that bad.

The professional photographer was there to shoot us on the run. Once again, we had to purchase a few of the photos. FastCAT photos are always so fun! I am always focused and speedy. Even our releaser for the weekend commented on how much faster I seem than my siblings.

That bag I chase brings out my hunt drive and my eyes are so focused they may just pop out of their sockets!

Madison had a really slow first run as she is scared. Her accident on the course last year has given her PTSD, which is understandable. The limping thing she has had going on recently has also created some fear for her, but she wants to run and she does her best. It is evident in her photos that she isn’t running at her full speed yet.

Mom is also scared when Madison runs because seeing her crash last year was very, very scary. She was also worried that Madison would start limping again after running, but she did not! The uphill FastCAT didn’t seem to cause any issues for her runs. We run again next weekend and are hoping Madison gets her speed up a bit more as she builds confidence – and it will be a flat course.

Nelson does a good job of running despite being kind of a bulky fellow. He goes absolutely nuts waiting for his turn and actually got out of his collar on the first run of the weekend. The releaser captured him right away and got him hooked up again. He runs and enjoys the chase.

This shot shows the uphill course a little bit. Too bad they didn’t lay the course the other way so it was downhill, LOL!

The AKC is slow in updating scores and statistics but they finally posted our runs from May. As expected, I’m still the #1 dog for our breed, and my little brother is #2 followed by his brother, Seb, at #3. Madison will take over the #3 spot when they get her stats entered. Note too, I am the only girl and I am faster than the three boys. My goal is to finish 2023 at #1. I’ve been #1 since I started running FastCAT in 2020.

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