The smoke cleared. The sun set. The race is on! These days evenings are the only time to play in the yard. Many nights, the smoke from Canada doesn’t go away, so we don’t do much but the other night, it cleared. Nelson was immediately in the market for some fun, surveying his domain for ideas.

I joined him in the yard and the two of us were plotting and scheming for some backyard fun.

And then just like that, we took off on the chase. I was ready to tackle down my little brother who is actually bigger than me.

Whoops, something went wrong with my plan. How did I end up the one being tackled. It is not easy to get out from under Nelson as he is a big, strong guy.

I’m patient and when I see opportunity, I try to get up and revers things so I am tackling him.

All the chasing and tackling are for fun. Sometimes I give my little brother a hug just to remind him that it is all a game, and nothing more.

My GBGV Life joining Comedy Plus for the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.After a hug, we are on our way plotting and scheming once again. Since the smoke cleared, we need to get busy and enjoy the clean air because it will probably come back. Evening race time is always a good time if the smoke is not hanging around.

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