Mom found big sniffing toys for her best big sniffing boy over the long weekend. I have a nose work trial coming up and I need some practice on vehicles. Thankfully, the road construction people took some time off, so I could use their big machinery to do some sniff practice.

Most of the time in regular nose work trials, the vehicles are not heavy machinery, but a vehicle is a vehicle, so we practice on it all. How embarrassing would it be if I had to search a big machine and I was afraid of it? It happens, but not with me! I had to search all four vehicles and find three hides. The first vehicle on the right had the first hide. Mom put it deep inside the roller part so I had to really get in there and sniff to get to the source. No fear from me at all!

The second hide was on the next machine, on the far end of the scraper thing. Wind was blowing nicely from behind the row of machines so I could catch the scent easily. I started out narrowing it down right behind the hide. Obviously, it was coming from above my head. Mom wants me to get my nose to source or as close as possible, so I know to keep on working.

Around the front of the scraper thingy, I felt good putting my paws up for a sniff. See my face? I know it is to my right, so I did hop down and go over there, but Mom was rewarding me and didn’t take a photo of that. It is more important to get me paid asap.

We had one blank vehicle, and the third hide was on the last vehicle, once again, deep inside. I caught the odor passing by and stopped to check it out. If you see just to the right of the top of my head there is a silver circle, that is the hide. Some dogs do look for tins, but in our family, we can have a tin right in front of us, but we still sniff our way to it. We are French Scent Hounds after all!

Alert! I found the hide Mom, now fork over my payment. Getting paid is the best part of this sniffing game! Since it was really hot out, we stopped after one round of searching. Still it was fun, and I did well. Hopefully I will do a good job in my upcoming trial too.

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