The Hungarian Pumi Club held FastCAT this past weekend in Stillwater. Olivia, Nelson, and I ran on Friday and Saturday. We ran at their event last year in July too. Thankfully the weather was fairly cool which helps us run a bit better. No one in the family set any personal records but we were all faster than our last FastCAT weekend that was uphill.

I had a bit of a glitch. Our releaser was not with us so we had the clubs guy release us. Mom leaves us with him when it is almost our turn and she runs to the other end to catch us. Well, I didn’t like this guy releasing me, so I squirmed out of my collar and took off. I didn’t want to run away, I just wanted to go to my mom. She grabbed me and returned me to the man. It was my last run of the weekend, and also my slowest. Since I had just run to my mom, I was not really well rested. Still I got lots of points towards my FCAT2 Title.

Olivia was the fastest of the three of us as always. She is a true sports dog. Lately she has started to grab the lure after her run ends. Mom says she can as long as she doesn’t damage it.

Nelson takes everything pretty seriously. Since he can be a serious guy, Mom took his photo in the scoring tent with the silly palm tree and flamingo. He had four nice runs and has now started using his hunting call when he runs like Olivia does.

Each day we had two runs a piece, no NQ’s or injuries, thankfully. We came home with twelve Q ribbons from the Hungarian Pumi Club. The weather was pretty windy making photos pretty much impossible. Instead, we took a photo of one ribbon to show it to you. We are all entered in more FastCAT in mid-August and rumor has it some titles may be earned that weekend. Running is a lot of fun and we all enjoy it!

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