Yesterday I had my yearly vet visit check up. We girls dread going to the vet as we get all scared. See my panting in my photo and what you don’t see is my quivering. It’s a scary place. Well, actually, Nelson doesn’t mind going to the vet at all. He seems to have no fears in life, LOL!

They always start out getting our weight. I’m 29.8 pounds. My weight always hovers around 30 pounds no matter what I do. At least I am in good shape and don’t need to go on a diet.

I’m the last of us four to see the vet this year. Mom had it planned from youngest to oldest, but Bailie ended up getting in before me. Nothing unusual happened. My vitals are all strong, eyes are good, ears are clean, and I got my rabies and distemper shots so I’m good for three years. Thankfully we are all on the same schedule for immunizations so Mom can easily remember that.

In September I have a recheck at the rehab vet, but I am not at all worried. My limp has gone away and even when I run FastCAT it isn’t making an appearance. Mom gives me my injection once a month and we hope it will continue to help me forever.

We are all thankful to have had good yearly exams for 2023, and we hope for continued good health in our furry family. Like it or not, it is important to get a good exam at least once a year just to make sure we are healthy.

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