Happiness to me is rolling around in the grass. My furs are not orderly, my back has some itches, and I need a place to scratch it and stretch out. The lawn is an ideal place.

No one else in my family rolls around like I do. It feels so good! Get those front legs extended up high.

Next I move my head around, stretching out my neck and scratching the back of my head.

Bringing my nose towards my back legs gives my back a good stretch out on the one side all while scratching it on the ground.

I’m moving a bit towards the other side to get my back stretched out on the other side.

Before getting up, I do a quick wiggle on my back and then pull my nose forward and back paws back to stretch myself out long.

Happiness really is rolling around in the grass. I’m feeling rejuvenated and ready to go tackle whatever I find in my yard. It’s a shame no one else in the family does it much because it is really a good thing to do.

PS: I also enjoy rolling in the crunchy fall leaves and the nice cold winter snow. It is a year round activity for me.

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