The making of Mr. Handsome is a rather simple recipe. One needs a handsome hound, such as me, Nelson, cool shades, a trending hat, and the right bow tie.

Friends of ours were at Disney recently and they brought back a summer bow tie for me. They know I love my bow ties. Isn’t it super fun for summertime?

I put it on and modeled it for my personal photographer.

A tie is not enough on it’s own. To make a complete Mr. Handsome one needs the shades and the hat. All the stuff on my head is weighing it down.

If I get my head picked up, I start to look pretty sharp, don’t you agree?

Now hold on to your chair…take in my “too cool for the pool” look. I think I look pretty good and I hope my big girlfriend next door comes out and sees me soon!

Oh yes, we also got Piglet as a gift from our friends. I’m far too cool to pose with a toy right now, so Madison did the honors there. Piglet squeaks and crinkles. We all like him a lot.

Having friends who think of us sure is nice!

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