What are dogs and their humans thankful for? We are good for each other for too many reasons to count. For today, I decided on six things for us dogs and six for the humans to share with you.

Let’s start with why we pups are so thankful for our humans.

  1. This first one is easy. We are super thankful that we have at least one human in our lives. Humans make our lives better.
  2. Humans give the best ear scritches and belly rubs.
  3. Life without toys would be soooo boring. Humans buy us toys so we have fun things to play with.
  4. Snacks! This is one of the best things. What dog isn’t interested in snacks?
  5. Walking and/or running is more fun with a human. Everyone needs exercise and it is more fun when you are not alone.
  6. Bedtime. Comfy, cozy dog beds are a true luxury. Some humans, like ours, even let us sleep in the big amazing human bed. After a good sleep, we wake up feeling Grand.

How about humans. What do we do for humans that they love?

  1. We give our humans purpose in their lives.
  2. All dogs, not just long eared ones make excellent listeners for whatever humans have to tell us.
  3. Walking and running is boring all alone, but not with a dog or two or four!
  4. Studies have shown that a canine companion lowers human stress levels.
  5. Laughter is good medicine and we pups are good at making our humans laugh.
  6. Having a dog often helps humans make new friends whether the other people have their own dog or not.

Dogs and their humans are a win all the way around. I could go on and on about why we are good for each other but for today, my selection of a few reasons is a good start.

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